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City Tour

The best way to get to know Puerto Vallarta!

We´ll drive around Marina Vallarta's Residential zone, Golf course and Yacht Club, and head out to downtown Puerto Vallarta.

We will arrive at the downtown area and head for the boardwalk “El Malecón”, where we will stop at the Sea Horse statue for a brief informative talk about the sculptures in the area, as well as the symbols and important buildings such as: the City Hall and the city’s main Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the main plaza. We will also give information about the city stores, from the flea market to the most exclusive. The quaint flea market will be waiting for you.

We will now head south, going through the residential zone (Costa de Oro, Conchas Chinas, and Mirador de los Arcos) making brief stops for photographs and wonderful sightseeing.

Our lasts stops will be a riverside restaurant and then a tequila factory to learn the tequila, and raicilla making process. Of course, a splendid invitation to taste one or all of these house liquors will be extended.

Our staff of professional certified guides will lead the way on this "must-do” tour of Puerto Vallarta.

Bring comfortable shoes, camera and sunglasses.
Cash for souvenirs and tips is recommended.

Very knowledgeable bilingual tour guide, AC motor coach and lunch (optional).

Pick-Ups: 9:10am 
Duration: 8 hrs.

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