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Family Emotion Much more for your family vacation

An unforgettable family experience with Family Emotion!

Marival® Resorts puts within your reach the Family Emotion holiday experience, which allows you to create a personalized vacation with what your family likes the most. If the facilities and services of the All Inclusive program of Marival® Resorts already seem outstanding, imagine what the Family Emotion experience can do for your vacation. You and your family deserve it!

From the first moment, we will make you feel special. Enjoy the Family Emotion benefits and take your vacation one level further: Exclusive concierge service, entertainment items, priority over other guests, personalized family picnic and two free tours to choose from our selection. 


Mozza Mare the New Beach Experience


An unforgettable Family Experience

Complete your experience and obtain more benefits in two-bedroom categories and up. Benefits that go beyond the special amenities that are part of the Family Emotion program, it will be the place you will always want to return to! 

Because your family deserves more! 

We are specialists in ideal family rooms to integrate them. At Marival® Residences Luxury Resort, we will be waiting for you with amenities and activities ready for you to enjoy together with your little ones.

Your incredible accommodations are just the beginning...

Family Emotion Two Bedrooms

The ultimate accommodations for families in the paradise of Riviera Nayarit. Featuring separate master and children's bedrooms, marble bathrooms with special kid-friendly amenities and toys...

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Family Emotion Three Bedroom

The ultimate accommodations for families -- everyone together under one spacious roof, with plenty of privacy for parents and kids! Your customized Family Emotion experience features separate master and children's bedrooms, marble bathrooms with special kid-friendly amenities...

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Two Bedroom Family Emotion Demi-pool

These residences provide a "walk-out" experience to comfortably furnished patios and their adjacent secluded semi-private river-like plunge pools, with full food & beverage service provided throughout the day.

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Two Bedroom Family Emotion Luxury Ocean View

Perfect views of this world famous Bay and Pacific paradise in Nuevo Vallarta that the whole family will remember forever.  These Residences have 1 king bed, 2 double beds...

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Family Emotion Private Villas

You’ll live in a home-of-your-own, with its own secluded location and private back yard with private pool, patio and gazebo. The moment your family enters these exquisite 3-bedroom 2-story villas, they are in a world apart, in a class by themselves...

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