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MozzaMare Casual Beach Gourmet

Luxury Beachfront All Inclusive Experience

Just when you thought it could not get any better, Marival Residences Luxury Resort®, Riviera Nayarit introduces another truly unique feature: MozzaMare Casual Beach Gourmet, a luxurious beachfront all inclusive experience.

MozzaMare offers a luxurious beachfront setting to soak up the sun, enjoy activities, and indulge in casual gourmet dining. A special beachfront world at Riviera Nayarit, created for Marival Residences Luxury Resort®’s guests. A world apart… In a class by itself!

By Day

The best spot at the beach with an all inclusive 4-diamond service.

By Night

When the sun goes down, the night lights up.

Be Pampered

Don’t lift a finger, rest and enjoy a 4-diamond service. Friendly staff caters to your every need, from cleaning your sunglasses to making sure you have a dry towel, keeping a drink in your hand and bringing your choice for lunch.


Find your ultimate lounging spot: a beachfront luxury cabana with sand under your feet, a sunbed by the pool with a fantastic ocean view or a seat in a pool lounge to get the golden tan you have been dreaming of.


Indulge with midday snack, lite bites or fuller dishes served tableside or by the pool or in the sand by day. At night the beachfront all inclusive restaurant transforms for romantic outdoor candlelight gourmet dining with dishes designed by our Executive Chef, Alfredo.


Enjoy exotic cocktails and colorful drinks to quench your thirst straight from our all inclusive beachfront bar. From Margaritas to our own signature refreshments. Try your favorite or something new as we deliver it right to you.


Whether you prefer diving in the pool, relaxing just listening to the sounds of the waves, or mixing in a variety of ocean watersports, the relaxing properties of the water will create an incredible experience at MozzaMare Casual Beach Gourmet.


As the sun goes down, an unparalleled sunset sets at MozzaMare for an evening under the stars. The sky of Riviera Nayarit proves to be the perfect background to enjoy a gourmet dinner, a dancing bonfire or moonlit strolls by the sea for a night to remember.

Say “I Do” with an Ocean View

When it comes to all inclusive beach weddings, location is everything! Tie the knot in the picture-perfect spot at MozzaMare Casual Beach Gourmet. Our beach weddings gazebo will provide an ideal place for your ceremony, while the dancing water fountain is the best place for a magical reception.

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